TMW culminates in an audiovisual quest EKA ÖÖ at the Estonian Academy of Arts | Tallinn Music Week

TMW culminates in an audiovisual quest EKA ÖÖ at the Estonian Academy of Arts

As part of the new music and urban culture festival Tallinn Music Week (TMW), a night of cross-genre music and supra-sound levels – EKA ÖÖ – will take place at the Estonian Academy of Arts on Saturday, 30th March, curated by the Üle Heli festival and FatCat’s sub-label, 130701 Records. The EKA ÖÖ line-up features Estonian folktronica duo Maarja Nuut & Ruum, US noiserockers Ceremony and Irish techno twosome Lakker, among others

Presale tickets for TMW EKA ÖÖ are available at Piletilevi for €20. The TMW Festival Pass (€55) and Conference + Festival Pass (€225) are on sale at the TMW webshop.

The Estonian Academy of Arts, which is also the TMW conference centre this year, hosts the cross-genre showcase EKA ÖÖ on 30th March, curated by Estonian festival Üle Heli in cooperation with 130701, a sub-label of the British FatCat Records. The programme, which joins together different music styles and supra-sounds—the plateaus within and beyond sound—extends to three areas: the hall, the lobby and a conference room on the 5th floor.

Maarja Nuut & Ruum

130701’s roster is represented by enigmatic Estonian duo Maarja Nuut & Ruum whose 2018 collaboration was called “one of the year’s most beautiful journeys through inner and outer space” by The Quietus. One of the key performers of the night is Hüpnosaurus, an institution for synthetic sounds in Estonia that formed in the early ‘90s and has come to life again in the new millennium. Binding past ideas with modern approaches, they rediscover a distinctive post-Soviet era feeling, when music was created for an imaginary ideal club.

One of the highlights at EKA ÖÖ are Irish duo Lakker, who paint intricate sonic tapestries ranging from haunting Arctic soundscapes to bass driven warehouse weight, presenting their upcoming album “Época” and a brand new audio-visual show. US noise rockers Ceremony will treat the audience to their “love songs with distortion”, loaded with drone bass lines, lofi post-punk and ear-piercing volume. A completely different experience is provided by Canadian violin-experimenter respectfulchild whose experimental ambient soundscapes and slow improvisations  bring quiet to even the noisiest of rooms.


EKA ÖÖ will also showcase the Czech Trio Heinz Herbert’s broad fusion of free jazz psychedelica and contemporary club music, Icelandic Hekla who binds the sounds of the “primeval electronic” instrument—the theremin—with Iceland’s dreamy glacial echos, and Belorussian Yegor Zabelov’s experimental mix of accordion, avant-garde, jazz and neo-classical sounds.

Sound and vision alchemists from near and far are also invading the conference room on the fifth floor of the academy where Estonian sound designer ekke tests the possibilities to cut into different sound vibrations, Italian noisenik Stromboli invites the guests to “a journey into a world of nighttime psychosis, wizards and outsiders,” and Polish producer M8N and Estonian duo Vera Vice play with echoing loops, field recordings and video projections.

Vera Vice

The 130701/FatCat label maps the edges of the post and modern classical genre and has been described by Drowned In Sound as “something of a blueprint outlet for instrumental based musicians worldwide whose creations don’t quite fit safely into any genre or roster.” Their roster has included, among others, post-minimalism composer Max Richter, piano experimenter Hauschka, and Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, whose life and creations will be featured in this year’s TMW conference programme.

Üle Heli festival aims to find and create connections with other art forms, and to explore relationships between sound and space. Üle Heli is not only an environment to present what has already been created, but also an experimental stage for new ideas and collaborations.

TMW 2019 EKA ÖÖ line-up

Saturday, 30 March


21:30 Trio Heinz Herbert (CH)
22:30 Hüpnosaurus (EE)
23:30 Ceremony (US)
01:15 Lakker (IR)

Auditorium / lobby:

22:00 Hekla (IS)
23:00 Yegor Zabelov (BY)
00:00 Maarja Nuut & Ruum (EE)
00:45 respectfulchild (CAN)

Room 501:

22:00 Vera Vice (EE)
23:00 M8N (PL)
00:00 ekke (EE)
01:00 Stromboli (IT)

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In addition to EKA ÖÖ, the Estonian Academy of Arts will host this year’s TMW conference. The TMW info desk is also located at the academy throughout the festival week.

TMW 2019 music festival takes place on 28-30th March across various venues, showcasing 170 artists from 28 countries. Additional information.

Presale tickets for TMW 2019: EKA ÖÖ are available at Piletilevi for €20. Tickets cost €23 on the day of the event and at the venue.

Entrance to EKA ÖÖ is also granted with TMW Festival Pass (€55), Conference + Festival pass (€225) or Supporter Pass (€150). TMW passes are on sale at the festival webshop.