Mission and Values | Tallinn Music Week

Mission and Values

The mission

TMW is not just a festival. It’s also our contribution to a better society. A collective effort of countless like-minded people. The festival consists of people, companies, organizations, artists, brands, ideas and initiatives that we like and believe in. It is in our power to promote these to the world – and thus share talent, diversity and openness.


What we like and believe in

We believe that the richness of the 21st century is cultural and ethnic diversity, based on equality. There is lots of untapped talent out there, from Serbia to Siberia from Latvia to Lebanon, Estonia to Ethiopia. We want our festival to be a celebration of diversity, unique talent and fresh ideas.

We’ve learned that TMW visitors yearn for revelation and enlightenment on top of entertainment. We want to offer meaningful togetherness, surprising discoveries, and new friends. Across borders, industries, and boxes that used to define genres, industries, and tastes.

So we have opened our gates to things like the classical music rave, soundtracks for food and architecture, and cutting-edge space technology. Launched and debated in front of people like ourselves.


The values

Talent thrives in tolerant soil, as does democracy and a sustainable economy. TMW stands for freedom of speech and self expression, equal opportunities, and respect for views that do not harm others – it is not only a matter of human rights but also the foundation for a talent to grow from.

Creative industries depend on freedom and acceptance for the new and the unexpected.


Our role in the society

TMW is helping to achieve various goals.

  • diplomacy for creative minds, joining East and the West, North and South
  • enhancing adventurous, creative thinking
  • providing visibility and further opportunities to new artists and entrepreneurs
  • enhancing unity and collaboration
  • equal opportunities and diversity, special needs
  • people-driven cities and neighbourhoods
  • supporting our home Estonia with improved ties and recognition
  • encouraging trade, tourism, proud citizenship, and motivated entrepreneurism
  • Sustainable Development Goals

Results we bring to music and creative sectors

  • improved international ties and wider recognition
  • improved career opportunities for musicians, companies and brands
  • improved knowledge on markets and regions
  • knowledge and education
  • increased brand value

Results we bring to tourism and economy

  • improved international ties and wider recognition
  • increased income to companies, selling services to festival and its clients
  • new types of companies, incomes and business formats
  • more jobs, fulfilling careers, happier citizens
  • increased exports
  • increased brand value

Results we bring to the citizens

  • more awareness and comprehension
  • excitement, encouragement and inspiration
  • fun, joy, friendship