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TMW Artist Award

The favourite artists of TMW over the years.


The winners of TMW artist award are chosen based on the feedback from delegates as well as through public voting. The prize money offered by Telia and Telliskivi Creative City is split between the artists with most votes. Additionally, music industry development centre and export office Music Estonia offers all winners a chance to participate in a program called INTRO, which will help musicians solve practical tasks.

This year’s festival hosted 126 Estonian artists.

TMW artist award winners 2009–2018

2009: Popidiot
2010: Iiris
2011: Ewert and the Two Dragons
2012: Talbot
2013: Elephants From Neptune
2014: Odd Hugo
2015: Maarja Nuut
2016: I Wear* Experiment
2017: Mart Avi, Erki Pärnoja, NOËP
2018: Mart Avi, Mari Kalkun, Holy Motors

TMW and Telia audience vote winners 2014–2017

2014: Metsakutsu (EE)
2015: BA (LT)
2016: Garbanotas Bosistas (LT)
2017: The Boondocks (EE)